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More exams + New projects

2017-06-26 13:18:55 by EfreetArtificer

More exams, yes. But, if I do well enough, I won't have to worry about university for a month or so after these ones. Again, I'm very sorry I can't post more often, but I suddenly have so many things to do. Don't get me wrong, it's great! My aunt wants more drawings, I started practising with watercolors (might show a couple of doodles in the art thread) and most importantly: a friend wants to work with me, specifically, he wants me to illustrate his comic (although he's also asking for some creative help and we brainstorm together and stuff, so I guess it's -our- comic). I will be working on that a lot once I get rid of all the exams, but I will still try to post here. I will ask my friend if he's ok with me posting concept art, doodles about the comic and stuff, idk maybe someone will like it.

I hope to post again soon ;u;

Have a nice day!~


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