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Entry #5


2017-08-16 11:24:13 by EfreetArtificer

Things are getting better, I even have a schedule again. That may not sound too important, but having a schedule really helps me when it comes to actually sitting down and doing stuff.

Anyway, I got help and all that. Classes started again too. I'm not such a mess as I was a month ago, and I'm working on stuff again. I've been practising a lot and also started a new drawing for my aunt, so I might upload a couple of wips to my art thread and then upload the finished thing when it's done.

Here's what I'll do: I'll try my best to post doodles and wips at least once a week and finished pieces once a month, and I will also try to be more active in the community. If everything keeps getting better, this shouldn't be too hard; tell you what, I'll try to keep up with this even in finals month. If this gets too easy at any point, then I'll take more comissions from my aunt and show you all how they go. I wont be doing many digital paintings though, my computer wants to die every time I try to do anything on it but I can't buy a new one right now.

I feel very optimistic right now

Have a nice day


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