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I'm an artist and writer. I also play the viola (not violin, viola) for fun. I like making original content as well as paintings/drawings/stories inspired by Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, Mass Effect, and other stuff.

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Posted by EfreetArtificer - August 16th, 2017

Things are getting better, I even have a schedule again. That may not sound too important, but having a schedule really helps me when it comes to actually sitting down and doing stuff.

Anyway, I got help and all that. Classes started again too. I'm not such a mess as I was a month ago, and I'm working on stuff again. I've been practising a lot and also started a new drawing for my aunt, so I might upload a couple of wips to my art thread and then upload the finished thing when it's done.

Here's what I'll do: I'll try my best to post doodles and wips at least once a week and finished pieces once a month, and I will also try to be more active in the community. If everything keeps getting better, this shouldn't be too hard; tell you what, I'll try to keep up with this even in finals month. If this gets too easy at any point, then I'll take more comissions from my aunt and show you all how they go. I wont be doing many digital paintings though, my computer wants to die every time I try to do anything on it but I can't buy a new one right now.

I feel very optimistic right now

Have a nice day

Posted by EfreetArtificer - July 14th, 2017

I told myself that I would maintain this profile active, and I would start producing more stuff and everything, but I see now that I can't really keep up with it.

I'm not gonna lie to you, I've been free from university exams for like two weeks, and I still can't keep up with it. I want to do the stuff that I like, I want to post often, but I can barely get out of bed in the morning (and when I do get out of bed I can't leave my bedroom, sometimes not even for food)

I've been practising, with watercolors, so I might dump a couple of doodles every now and then on my art thread, but I'm gonna take a break from working on anything, at least until I can get my shit sorted out and fixed. I've already started to try to change this, I started working out and I even asked my mom to come help me look for a therapist. I've been existing like this for so long that I got used to it and now I got sick of it. I don't want to waste my life as I have wasted my teenage years.

I'm not asking you to care about me, that's not what this is all about. The point of this post is to tell you why I haven't been active, and I hope that putting this out there might motivate me to get the help that I need and put my shit together; if there's something that I don't like to do is go back on my own words, I'm telling the internet that I'm gonna get help so that I can be more active on the site, so I better do it. After all, the internet is a place full of opportunities, having an internet presence might help me in the future and I definitely want to grow as an illustrator, even if I just do it as a hobby, and having internet records can help. Also, putting this into words that I can read has helped me realize how crazy it actually is to not even leave my room to eat, holy fuck I feel like an idiot for not realizing earlier.

fuck this post got very long, im sorry

TL;DR: I'm garbage and I'm gonna get help so that I can be more active on the internet and irl too.


Have a nice day...

Posted by EfreetArtificer - June 26th, 2017

More exams, yes. But, if I do well enough, I won't have to worry about university for a month or so after these ones. Again, I'm very sorry I can't post more often, but I suddenly have so many things to do. Don't get me wrong, it's great! My aunt wants more drawings, I started practising with watercolors (might show a couple of doodles in the art thread) and most importantly: a friend wants to work with me, specifically, he wants me to illustrate his comic (although he's also asking for some creative help and we brainstorm together and stuff, so I guess it's -our- comic). I will be working on that a lot once I get rid of all the exams, but I will still try to post here. I will ask my friend if he's ok with me posting concept art, doodles about the comic and stuff, idk maybe someone will like it.

I hope to post again soon ;u;

Have a nice day!~

Posted by EfreetArtificer - June 9th, 2017

The first round of exams is over, so I can put some time into drawing again.

Today I want to tell you about an opportunity that has come up recently: my favorite aunt loves my drawings. She makes frames for pictures, paintings, etc. I was at her house last saturday studying for an exam and she came up with an idea: "What if I buy your drawings, frame them and then sell them as home decoration?"

And I, of course, liked the idea. Students need money, you know, and it's not like my parents don't support me, but I can't buy expensive art supplies with their money, it just doesn't feel right, specially since I'm not an art student. We brainstormed for a while and made a list of things that someone could possibly want to buy for their walls: cats, birds, trees, all that sort of "cute" stuff. She even said that she could get me paper if I need it.

So now that I won't have any more exams for another month, I can start working on stuff again. I'm gonna make a couple of drawings for this idea first, and then when I'm more relaxed and with more energy I'll start working on my digital art again.

I'll post wips of the drawings in my art thread, in case anyone wants to see them.

Posted by EfreetArtificer - May 21st, 2017

This past few weeks have been... intense, but I managed to finish the drawing for the Level Cap COTM.

I want to post some stuff here, so I'll make a forum post for dooles and wips as I see many people do, and then I'll post my most decent finished drawings/paintings to the art portal. If anyone is interested, I can even publish some of my stories, since those are what sometimes inspire my drawings.

I want to keep drawing regarless of the situation, no matter what happens next, and I hope that having a place to share my art with the world will motivate me to do so.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my stuff and have a nice day~


Edit: here's my art thread http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1423216 I might also put it on the contact section of my profile or something...